B.I.C.I, LLC has bought IMR Corporation and will be launching it's new site soon!

Stay tuned for new products that will help you reduce sludge in your plant, with green technology and all-natural chemicals!

Products That Increase Sludge Density

After being in busness for 42 years, our products have proven to stand the test of time ... and A.T. 318 and Aqua Aide are no exception.

These all-natural products will stabilize and increase sludge density, as well as reduce sludge drying time! Call 918.625.8811 or email danward@imrchemicals.com to place your order today!

Our Customers Believe in Our Products

Over the past 43 years, we have had thousands of success stories and repeat customers who believe in our products.

But don't take our word for it, read their testimonials!

Get to the "Root" of Your Root Problems

Do you have uncontrollable root problems infiltrating your sewer lines? What about gallons of grease clogging your lines?

With IMR's Oxygen Stabilizer and Free Zone, we make these problems go down the drain!

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